Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Embodiment Practices Facilitator



Maridelie Diaz is a Psychologist specialized in mental, emotional, psychosomatic and behavioral health. She combines Gestalt existential-humanistic modalities, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, while also attuned to Buddhist philosophy, sacred plant medicine, and spirituality.  She is dedicated to the continued study of emerging fields in human development and integrates this knowledge with mindfulness-based practices, meditation, reiki, expressive arts, and embodiment work.


Her purpose is to assist well-being, personal growth, and authentic expression through the development of self-knowledge, helping integrate mind-body-soul and connecting to our source of love from which we can all be in harmony.


I am dedicated to my work because NOW is the time.


Maridelie obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico.  She settled in Miami after traveling across the globe for three months and grounded her desire to be of service in Miami, where she obtained a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Her continued interests, as part of her personal work and/or professional training, are focused on psychotherapy, mindfulness-based modalities, conscious dance, ancestral rituals, and embodiment practices.  She believes that these practices help balance the links between mind sense and body sense, release pain and trauma held in the body, free the mind from conditioned beliefs that create suffering, expand perception and awareness, inform decisions, and restore the connection to the source of love and light that is in all.