Clarity, Peace of Mind, Empowerment, and Healing through my Animal Communication Readings and Angel Oracle Card Readings


Is to help you remember you are never alone or separate from God Consciousness, you are an infinite soul choosing to have a physical existence. You are unconditionally loved, supported, protected, safe, and Divinely guided daily. I am here to be of service, to effect healing and positive change as well as help you live an authentic, joyful, healthy life.

About Leo:

Over the years, Leo has cultivated his ability to access a crystal-clear channel to transform your life. His clarity, you will discover, is from a deeply sacred dedication to be of service. Leo provides a kind, compassionate space where it is safe to open, receive and let go. His heart-based approach began when a series of events re-awakened his childhood gift for communicating with animals.
Leo’s intuitive, empathetic and psychic abilities allow him to receive clear answers to deliver powerful guidance and personalized messages from your pet, as well as from his Angel Oracle Card decks.

Services provided by Leo:

Leo provides two services to help those who seek answers. Those services are:

  • Animal Communication Readings, whether it’s the loss of your beloved pet (death) or you want to understand your animal companion for a deeper bonding enriched companionship and
  • AAngel Card Readings to connect with the angels, archangels and the ascended masters. For those who seek answers/clarity/direction/action steps/peace of mind to daily life challenges, having an Angel Card Reading is a great way and the first step in discovering what YOUR truth is and living YOUR authentic life, while deepening self-understanding.

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