Lau Zaldua


Lau is an Akashic Records Practitioner. She helps people get to the root of their Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual problems resulting in a renewed alignment with the Universe and passion for life.

Using the akashic records in her life allows her to be more precise in the information she gives as a spiritual coach and intuitive healer.

She also does Oracle card reading and private life and spiritual coaching.
Laura’s best reward is seeing people’s smiles after having a session with her.


Supporting people to recognize their power and strength to experience life with a positive attitude focused on deeply loving and accepting themselves as they are.


Everything started when being a successful lawyer, she realized she was not feeling complete and her life’s purpose was going in the wrong direction. No matter how much money she had in my pocket or how comfortable her life was, she felt completely lost in the rush of the day to day and the running to be successful in her career and nothing was giving her the inner peace she was constantly looking for.
Looking for healing was where she found this amazing tool (akashic records) that gave her clarity and showed her what her soul really wanted. “I discovered My soul is happy learning and sharing my healing experiences, my soul is happy supporting others life’s purposes, my soul is happy being a channel of light to share with those who need it, guidance and positive words to help them to feel at peace with themselves. My soul is happy seeing a smile in others.”


Laura has been taking part in spiritual workshops and courses around the world to discover the best way to utilize her gifts. She is educated as an Akashic Records Practitioner, a Crystal Healer, Reiki I, II and Oracle Reader..


Light, with this word I can describe how I felt after having my akashic records session with Lau. Her calmness, tranquility and understanding gave me the unique opportunity to speak and discover purposes with confidence. I have also had the opportunity to be in two meditation sessions with lau and they are definitely excellent in understanding how little by little my mind will calm down and focus. Thank you for being part of the path. –Claudia Duarte.

For a few months now I was with a lot of anxiety and depression. I felt that I needed answers because I couldn’t find inner peace. After my akashic records session with Lau I found the answer I needed and now I’m working on it. Lau is a light that knows how to guide. The love for what she does and her dedication really comes through in every word she says during the session. Her energy is magnificent! I recommend Laura 100%! -Paola Gil.

I had the most amazing experience with Lau Zaldua. I had an Akashic Records reading and she helped me find the root of my emotional and mental struggles so I can better align with the universe. Her energy was beautiful and I feel at peace and have more direction in life! -Kelly Tapp