Kalki Das



By just giving him a little bit of information on my birth Kalki could map out my entire life, my habits, my flaws, and accomplishments in one sitting. I now have a much better understanding of myself in the universe as I float through it. Kalki is a magnetic and timid soul and made me feel like he’s known me my whole life. Because of this reading, I can understand who I am better thanks to Kalki. I am eternally grateful for his guidance and reading report. Kalki was absolutely amazing, I never knew I needed a reading like this to help guide me.

I feel very happy, peaceful, and grateful. Kalki is a beautiful being and his compassion and knowledge gave me the guidance I was looking for. Liliana Shatner

Kalki as a person is absolutely fantastic. His reading was clear and to the point. His knowledge went far above my expectations. I will certainly recommend him to all of my friends. Aziza Chorsi

Hi. I came to bagua center with lot knee pain, stucked with situations where I was not available for let it go. Kalki in the session told me aspects of my life in touched me deep where meet with him helped me for clean aspects where was affecting my body until have to use analgesics. I am very thankful to kalki because now I m available for back to play tennis, train, do my activities without any pain. I til continue working with the advices in he gave me. I have a youtube channel where you can check I was into sports in high level where before to meet with him I was walking helping me with stuff as my knee didn’t allow me til walk. My youtube channel is andrea american training karate. Kalki is very professional where I hope he continue working helping people with the blessings in God gave him.Blessings.Andrea Ruiz Sanchez

Amazing experience! Kalki has genuine, great energy. One of a kind. Nelson Roberto