My Mission

Living in Miami, we experience stress constantly, driving, interacting with people, even in our work environment we could experience high levels of stress. My mission is to bring balance into your life through Ayurvedic Medicine raising your energy’s vibration and assisting you in the process of meeting with yourself by connecting with your mind, body & emotions.

How I came to Ayurveda

In 2016 my mother and grandmother passed away, bringing me to a ground/numb state, feeling lost and deeply depressed I started to read about emotions and the impact they have on our life’s.

Many times, we try throwing those emotions under the rug and try to keep going with our lives. My health got affected by my emotions, no medicine would work, weekly visits to the hospital didn’t help, my immune system was down to zero, nothing helped.

A loving soul sister kept an eye on me, offering me to get checked by her brother, an ayurvedic doctor who prescribed a lifestyle change, natural medicine (all herbs based) bringing me back to balance. Through a natural treatment he was able to restore my heath

With the support of my family and the help of Dr.  Mauricio Leon, I was able to blossom again. I learned to know myself better, understanding that we need to nurture of body, mind, and emotions connecting with nature to live a balanced joyful life

This is how I understood the importance of Ayurveda in one’s life and why I would like to share a little bit of ayurvedic medicine into your life too!

Certification in Ayurvedic Body Therapies by the California College of Ayurveda