Ms. Theta Healer and Instructor, Transformational Coach

Former professional athlete, sports psychologist, theta healer and instructor, provides services in personal transformations.

Using Theta Healing as her main method, positive changes in her client’s and student’s life are fast and permanent.  After being diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive type of cancer and refusing chemotherapy treatments, she took her healing into her own hands. With daily practice of theta healing, she has completely healed her body and is now living her dream life helping others thrive whether it is in sports, business relationships or health.

By using the theta brainwave to connect to source energy, limiting patterns and programs can be identified and effectively changed.  When the root cause of an issue or an illness is brought to the surface from the subconscious mind and replaced with constructive beliefs, rapid changes and instant healings often accompany the sessions.

A theta session usually takes an hour, improvements and enhanced well-being are felt immediately during and after the sessions.

Theta healing also can be learned in transformational Basic and Advanced DNA seminars so one can take charge of their own life and become a certified ThetaHealer.