Geraldine a coach with a gift


Her mission is to use her gift and coaching skills to help you achieve your emotional, spiritual, professional and personal life goals.

Enlightenment and peacefulness of mind, body and soul.

“With careful and compassionate guidance comes enlightenment as well as physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. “ by Geraldine Job Morales


Geraldine is known as A Coach with a Gift and the author of The Oracle of Essence Card Deck and Guidebook.
She is a certified coach and clairvoyant. She has been attending coaching clients since 2013 and has been reading Tarot, Gypsy and Angel Cards since she was 15 years old.

Her gift of clairvoyance began when she was very young.

“It depends on you to enrich your essence.” by Gwendoline Job
These wise words my grandmother said brought me a true understanding of my gift, path and purpose.

The Oracle of Essence is a lifelong project, based on my spiritual gift, that recently became reality. It is a path that can help readers achieve enlightenment and find their true essence..
“By enriching one’s essence you procure knowledge, understanding, energy and enlightenment”. By Geraldine Job Morales

Geraldine’s Card Readings
Her card reading starts with the 4 pillars set for this decade and beyond, that are the following, LOVE, EMPATHY, FAITH and TRUST. These pillars, combination of the cards and her clairvoyance will be representing and defining your essence & purpose. It is a magnificent path that will bring you a broader understanding of yourself and issues you want to explore.

A unique experience that will guide you through what is your path, the predictions and guidance of what you are living at the moment.

The reading focuses on issues you seek to explore and understand.

Geraldine guides you towards a path of well-being, bringing you clarity towards an awakening.

The length of your session can sometimes take longer and it depends on the complexity of your issues, goals, path, openness to your process, and commitment.

The sessions are confidential.

Disclosure statement:
A professional coach and card reader cannot be responsible for any decision that affects your legal, financial or medical condition. If you seek legal, financial or medical professionals. The sessions cannot replace a qualified health professional. Card readings are for entertainment purpose only and a spiritual way to deal with issues you seek and facilitate understanding,
Coaching and Card Reading Sessions are confidential. What happens in our session stays in our session.


Coaching Tailoring Master Specialist
Geraldine works with professionals and executives using coaching and training, for them to excel in their career. Using her wide knowledge and expertise in Personal, Business Development, and Management Structuring.

She is specialized in preparing her coaches for Negotiations, Meetings, Conferences, Presentations and in Business Development, and has knowledge of the Latin America Market and International Company Cultures.

Life Coaching

Her spiritual gift brings enlightenment and is a tool for the coachee to enrich his or her essence to be able to work on personal issues.

Business Development and Presentation Training Geraldine is highly specialized in preparing high-end executives for business development and presentation training.

She trained and prepared the Brazilian screenwriter Emanuel Jacobina of Malhação, Series at Globo Television, to attend and participate in workshops of The Storytelling Seminar by Robert McKee in Los Angeles.

Trained and prepared Ana Paula Araujo, anchor journalist of Rede Globo Television for The Emmy Award – The National Academy of Television Art & Sciences Ceremony 2011. She received the award for the best journalistic prize of coverage of military and police pacification and occupation of slums of Complexo do Alemão called Jornal Nacional War and Drugs – Winning 2011 International Award.

Worked closely with the Casting Director of Curinga Produçōes selecting Brazilian actors for Fast and Furious 5 movie.

Geraldine’s offers three types of services:

  • The Oracle of Essence Card Readings (30 min or 60 min)
  • Career Coaching, Life Coaching (60 min)
  • COMBO – Card Reading with a Coaching Moment (60 min)

The Oracle of Essence

Card Reading with Geraldine


“Geraldine has truly been a blessing and an angel in my life. Everything that she told me would happen happened and through her gift she has guided me in maintaining a blissful relationship. I am eternally grateful to her because every time we meet, I leave with such clarity/insight and my soul feeling much lighter. Thank you, thank you, thank you Geraldine.” Manuela, 2018, Miami, FL

“Geraldine is highly intuitive, kind and caring. She has guided me through challenging situations which helped me to become more centered and to find clarity. I recommend her as a gifted tarot reader. Thank you, Geraldine.” Gabriela, 2018, San Francisco, CA

“Geraldine anagram even spells angel! That is because she is an angel. I have been consulting her for some five months now. This has helped immeasurably in both my personal and professional life. I have had the benefits of both the readings and the coaching. Her amazing accuracy in the reading of the cards reveals actual upcoming events! This for me is what sets her apart from others! I am so grateful for this help as my life improves week to week. I have no hesitation in recommending her.” Suzanne, 2018, Miami, FL