Has facilitated groups in Miami, Peru, Bolivia and Glastonbury, and many more. Has lived in ashrams and has studied with many Gurus and Teachers and shares their messages. Is connected to the lineage of Magdalene the Cathars and Yeshua etc.


Evie Michelle is a compassionate and caring Galactic Ambassador on the path of service to humanity. Her objective is to anchor in the Christ Consciousness and the Goddess codes. Returning to a state of wholeness energetically one can access the Bodhi mind. The awakened state is crucial for us to be able to Ascend. Mantras and certain Light frequency codes can assist with the shift. Evie is a galactic facilitator to take you within.


Evie has studied and traveled extensively with Taoists. She traveled to Peru and Mexico, Sedona, AZ, Joshua Tree, CA Mt. Shasta, CA and many more sites, opening portals of consciousness. She is also a Priestess in the lineage of the Gaudiya Vaishnavism following the order of Nityananda and Chaitanya. She is Brahman initiated and can perform Puja. She is thus a Galactic Yogini. She has lived in several Ashrams and followed the monastic life. Her Love for Balarama and Radhe anchors her in on the path of Bhakti. It is a natural spontaneous attraction.

Evie studied with Dolores Cannon and is trained to conduct Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions. She has studied the Language of Light with Jamye Price and assisted the first Light Language Conference in New York with Judy Satori. She has studied with Peggy Phoenix Dubro the Waves. She studied Pineal Toning with Dr. Todd. Evie also is certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue to conduct Oracle card readings and Realm readings. She is a Lightwave Pleadian technology practitioner certified by Bryan de Flores.

She is a star seed and is here to spread Universal Truths. Sessions with her will fill you with hope and Love. She has a very carefree childlike sense to her that will allow you to open to who you really are. She works with the Galactic Federation, Angelic realm, Elemental realm, and Ascended Masters.

She offers many services, and you can contact her to custom design your session. You will not leave the same after a session with Evie. Her gentleness and kind smile will envelop you. She will facilitate the journey within so that you may discover your Higher Self and connect to your Star Family.


  • St.Thomas University Sociology
  • Reiki Master
  • Qhht with Dolores Cannon
  • Magnetic Healing with Gail Thakeray
  • Kiom Ram energetic alignment with Elard Fernandez
  • Angel Therapy and Angel cards with Doreen virtue
  • Crystal Healing with Doreen Virtue
  • Cathar Magdalene lineage with Anaiya Sophia
  • Light Language with Jamye Price
  • Sound Healing with Kaivalyadhama India
  • Buddhist training 2 months with Schechen Monastery NepalPujari Priestess Training with Alachua Florida and Vrindaban India
  • Solar brotherhood Initiation with Anton Ponce de Leon
  • Extraterrestrial Contact Retreats with Sixto Paz Wells
  • Worked with Luis Fernando, Mostajo Martens, Lyssa Royal Holt, and Ricardo Gonzalez
  • And has traveled to Israel, Palestine, Jordan, India and Nepal