MA, LMHC, RPT and Family Constellations Facilitator.


I am a seasoned Holistic Counselor and Healer with over twenty-five years of experience helping with adults, adolescents, and children in English and Spanish. I hold licenses in Mental Health in the state of Florida and Texas, along with a Registration in Play Therapy by the International Association of Play Therapy.

During my own awakening process, I was led to study and practice many techniques such as Meditation, Family Constellations, Tapping, Humanistic Astrology, Flower Essence, Body Code, Intuitive Painting, among others. As I incorporated them into my own life, I shared those techniques with family, friends, and clients, as I have always felt a strong call to serve others.

Many years ago, I came across Family Constellations, a powerful healing technique based on the Zulu Tribe and developed by Bert Hellinger over three decades ago. I decided to dive deep into this technique and began intense training. I have been participating in workshops with top international professionals in the USA and Canada on Family Constellations and Systemic Phenomenology.

I have found that Family Constellations is an extremely powerful and healing method. I’ve learned and experienced that as people outgrow old patterns, they are empowered to make healthier decisions toward a fuller and healthier life. I’m passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with others to help alleviate human suffering by helping to elevate the consciousness.


Family Constellation and Systemic Phenomenology Training, 2015-2020

Miami, FL & Toronto, Canada

Bowen Theory Family Training, 2014-15

Bowen Center South Florida

Miami, FL

Post Graduate Studies in Play Therapy, 2000

University of North Texas

Denton, TX

Post Graduate Studies in Counseling, 1995

University of Texas at Brownsville

Brownsville, TX

Clinical Pastoral Education, 1993

Valley Baptist Medical Center

Harlingen, TX.

Master of Arts with Counseling Orientation, 1992

Northern Baptist Theological Seminary

Lombard, IL

Graduate Studies in Psychology, 1989

University of Cordoba

Cordoba, Argentina

Bachelor of Elementary Education, 1980

Maria Auxiliadora College

Rosario, Argentina

What People are saying about Eugenia

“I have had some sessions of Family Constellations in the past and it helped me to see and understand wrong believes and patterns of behaviors about myself.  I liked the dynamic and how it works but didn’t feel completely comfortable with that previous Facilitator.

Having sessions with Eugenia changed that.  Every time we had one, I felt very comfortable with her approach to the situation, her guiding me to see how the wrong thoughts or believes had originated, to understand the situation in a new light.

It is very important for me to find the right Facilitator in delicate emotional matters.  In dealing with this type of emotional healing, Eugenia is that right person to me.

In my experience, Eugenia is caring, dedicated, and very knowledgeable in the process to help and guide people to a clear place where healing can occur.  I am very happy to have found her to be my guidance in this healing process.” S. – Jan 2020.

“I met Eugenia Rinaldi about 18 month ago.  She inspired immediate trust in me.  I decided to attended Family Constellation sessions with her.  She was authentic and honest and loving and supportive at the same time.  Working with her helped me to see clearer into family situation with my children.  It also helped me to clarify some of confusion and doubts about family relationships.  Eugenia showed me aspects of my relationships that I couldn’t see before.  I’m very thankful to Eugenia and I continue working with her.” G. – Jan 2020