My last birthday happened to fall on a Sunday. When people asked me, “So, what did you do for your special day?”, I replied, “Exactly what I always wanted: got enough sleep, meditated, spent time with my children, worked on ideas for my next workshop, connected to those who are close, went dancing”. Then I paused in realization that I do this every Sunday and more or less every day, which means that I live my life like it is Sunday and my birthday every day. This is truly my biggest achievement – my life is a living proof that it’s possible to create a life full of satisfaction and meaning; everything else has been just a preparation to achieve it.


To show others a path to tranquility through Time Mastery – the art of extraordinary results with minimal toil.


It’s my belief that we all come onto this planet to experience a life of meaning and satisfaction, not pain and suffering. The secret to unlock the door to your own meaning is to understand that there is a divine design to your life. It’s both fluid and aligned to a particular blueprint, which you already hold in your hands.

In search for my meaning, I’ve discovered that helping other to align with their divine design or life purpose is the source of my own satisfaction. I feel truly blessed to be able to combine the traditional academic and business concepts like competency modeling with the scientific hand analysis, energy medicine, and Mudra therapy to support my clients in infusing their lives with purpose and meaning in very practical ways.


Academic and Business degrees:

Psy. D. – The California School of Professional Psychology

M.B.A. – Said Business School, University of Oxford

Professional Credentials:

SHRM Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources Management

ISEI Certified Social-Emotional Intelligence Coach

CTA Certified Coach

Spiritual Training and Certifications with:

Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos, Stephen Feely – The Four Winds – Certified Energy Medicine Practitiner

Ronelle Coburn – International Institute of Hand Analysis, Certified Hand Analyst

Dr. Sabrina Mesko – Certified Mudra Therapist,

What People are saying about Ollga Belova

“With managing three contemporary art galleries – one in Rome, one in Miami, and another one in NYC, I’m in great need of optimizing time limits to be where I need to be, stay healthy and tranquil in front of my clients and with my family. Every time I work with Dr. Ollga, my plans move in the exact direction that I need with minimal effort.”

— Gloria P

“When you have everything you can think of – successful career, beautiful family, and good health, yet somehow don’t feel satisfied, you are not sure where to turn to find out what’s missing.

In the first three sessions, Dr. Ollga helped me understand my life purpose and how to align my career direction with meaning. In just one year, I have made a complete shift. Thank you for the push!”— Jimena H

“Between working with my husband on a successful but demanding yacht interior business, raising a family, and frequent international travel, stress is inevitable. The Time Mastery tools, that that Dr. Ollga selected for me, provide in 3-minute practice what normally would take 1 hour of yoga and meditation. I no longer let the stress run my life,

I choose where to put my energy.”

— Sandra S