Cecilia Mackie is a channeller, psychic medium, energy worker, transformational life coach, meditation  teacher, holistic nutritionist, and primal movement teacher. She combines her love for integrated  physical health with her deep insight and understanding of the spiritual and emotional realms for a  complete approach to wellbeing.

Through her own deep healing journey, Cecilia has come to connect with Spirit in a powerful way, and  she uses this ability to help others on their own path to wholeness. She channels high vibrational guides  and teachers that can help to bring clarity and insight to the seeker. She is able to tap into the energy  fields of others in order to increase the awareness of any energetic blocks, trapped memory, or emotional  disruption that may be present.

Using a combination of reiki, shamanic wind medicine, meditation, and clairvoyance, Cecilia is helping others to connect to their inner world in a profound way that is felt  not only by the body, but also by the Soul.


Cecilia’s mission is to reconnect people with their Higher Self in order to awaken the wisdom that is inherent in each and every one of us. She believes that the state of our mental and physical health is directly linked to the state of our spiritual and emotional wellbeing, and considers the first step to finding true healing is to turn our awareness inwards and begin to understand who we truly are.


Cecilia has dedicated her life in service to others, with a profound understanding that when one person heals, then we all heal. This is the Guiding Light of all the work that she does.


In 2012, Cecilia found herself in a deep state of depression and self-loathing, suffering daily from intense anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and an eating disorder. After recognizing that her current state of health would not sustain her in the long term, she turned to holistic nutrition and a daily yoga practice, in hopes of finding the peace of mind that her Soul was aching for. After getting her physical health in order and also obtaining an education in Holistic Nutrition, she still felt a deep disconnect within. Plagued with stubborn anxiety and depression, Cecilia turned to Vipassana Meditation and experienced a profound, life-altering spiritual awakening through this practice. Since then, she has been diving into the depths of her soul through a wide variety of practices and spiritual traditions. She is now sharing with the world the wisdom, insight, and spiritual connection that she has gained over the past eight years.