Their Achievements

Bhishma is a certified Reiki Master and energy healer trained in Usui Reiki, Pranic Healing, and integrated clinical hypnotherapy.

Bhavana is a Reiki healer who channels divine and pure energy to heal and help. She is also trained in pranic healing and continuously increasing her energy healing skills

What is their mission?

Since 2014 Bhishma and Bhavana have dedicated their life to helping people have a better life and being happy. They want to heal and help people lead a holistic life ensuring their body, mind, and soul are in sync.

They want to spread holistic well-being to as many people as possible.

What brings them to healing?

Bhishma and Bhavana are natives of India who have settled in Florida. They have both undergone spiritual learning in India where they grew up. From early childhood, they were involved in Yoga, meditation, and spirituality. They have dedicated their lives to healing and helping others since 2014. Since then they have trained and healed several people in India and US and are excited to share their knowledge and healing in the US.

Education and Preparation


He is a certified Reiki Master in Usui Reiki from India at the Holistic healing foundation of India. He has trained for basic, advanced, psychotherapy and crystal pranic healing at GMCKS Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga Center, India. He also has trained for basic clinical hypnotherapy at the Holistic Healing Foundation of India


She is a certified Reiki healer from India. She has trained for basic, advanced, psychotherapy and crystal pranic healing at the GMCKS Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga Center, India


My inspirational to see the Reiki practitioners were to help cleanse myself on this new path of spirituality I have just recently begun. I am also fighting some ailments in my physical body. As this was my first session, my body was blocking on releasing some energy. I felt at one point, for several minutes, a strong force of energy trying to leave. Changes I have made thus far are many, this is adding to the many healthy things I am doing day to day to help my inner and outer body (i.e. yoga, meditation, exercise, healthy eating and lots of reading). I will be attending more sessions as there is a lot to heal for me.
Rachel Roragean