Alex Lucien is a Multi-Dimensional Creator born in Haiti to a set of parents who love music. He spent his life immersed in vibration, sound, and being in service to others.

From becoming a DJ in 1999, completing a Sound Engineering Program in 2003, assisting in the field of Occupational Therapy in 2015, being a certified intuitive life coach, and now a Sound Vibrational Healer in meditation, reiki, and yoga.

During his private or group sessions, Alex uses various instruments and modalities such the Tank Drum, rain stick, flute, light body massage, acupressure meridian points, hand drum, etc… for the ultimate deep voyage into a state of total complete relaxation.

Alex has collaborated with a variety of healers in different disciplines for transformational retreats, personal development workshops, and soul medicine journeys. Alex’s love for creativity and innovation in the past 10 years has led him to launch his company and his mission is to be a Guardian Explorer thriving with deliberate purpose, radiating unconditional love piercing through the depths of humanity.

“Alex came into my life in divine timing. It was a time in my life when I had more questions than answers. Alex, with his inquisitive and peaceful nature, guided me back to the basics. From his teachings and sound baths, I was able to get back in touch with my intuition, acknowledge my divinity, and allowed me to reconnect with my feminine energy. Today I am in a much better place because of Him. He is an amazing soul and a gift to this world.” Ana De Aza