Alessandra Calderín is an intuitive healer, teacher and creative and the founder of Boneseed, a practice that focuses on diving into the deepest layers of the authentic Self and shares that originality and energy with the world. She has lead workshops that use the tarot, yoga asana, visualization meditation and the chakra system to explore sensuality, creativity, sexual empowerment, and authenticity. She specializes in the sacral chakra helping clients with relationships, libido, pelvic floor dysfunction, anxiety, depression, and identity.


Her mission is to peel the masks and layers of the overculture and help all people reconnect to their creativity, sexuality, mind, body and a deeper sense of play by working with the shadow self, rather than against it, and uniting one’s dualistic nature.


Alessandra dove into a spiritual yoga practice at age 12, but lost herself to the demands of rigorous schooling, eager to please her logically minded classmates and “fit in.” After years of generalized anxiety and depressive episodes, Alessandra sought help and with a range of mentors, found a deeper yoga practice, an instant connection to the tarot, a meditative practice that managed her anxiety, tools for recognizing the fluctuations of the mind, and an opening of her true self, her creative core, her inner wild woman. She now works with the range of modalities that helped her strip away her masks and become her truest and most connected Self.


  • 400+ Hours Certified Yoga Teacher
  • 300 HR Duality + Adv Yoga Training Private Mentorship (in progress)
  • Pelvic Floor Yoga 20 HR Training + 10 HR Certification Project June 2018
  • Yoga Shanti 200 HR Yoga Teacher Certification May 2017
  • Laughing Lotus Energy + the Subtle Body 50 HR Lotus Flow Adv Certification Jan 2016
  • Sacred Tarot School with Lindsay Mack Apr 2017
  • Reiki One Attunement Usui System of Natural Healing Aug 2018
  • Original Voice 28 HR Archetypal + Cross Cultural Psychology with emphasis on modalities of creativity with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés Oct 2018
  • AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor

What People are saying about Alessandra Calderín

Mentorship + coaching

Working with Alessandra has been eye-opening and life-changing. She knows just when to push when to follow, and when to call me out (which we all need now and then). It did not take long for us to find the style that works for us, and this is really a testament to her ability to feel people and create the unique structure they’ll need to dive deeper into themselves and the world around them. I feel natural and authentically “me”, closer to my body and most importantly – in touch with the definition of what health and “being healthy” is for me. I’m so grateful to her and her work for showing me alternatives and opening my eyes to a world of new and exciting questions. I truly look forward to our sessions each week.

— Will Rus, operations manager/musician

Pelvic floor yoga

Many sufferers are told to ‘toughen up’ or ‘fight through it’ and coldly written off. Alessandra is the exact opposite. She is unbelievably compassionate and sensitive to the individual. She quickly grasped my physical limitations and provided an atmosphere of emotional and physical relief. While not only teaching new useful approaches to physical pain, she managed to enhance my coping abilities. I leave each session feeling hopeful, calm, and energized.

— Michael Kroll, comedian


Within moments of laying out her cards, Alessandra honed in on two core truths about me. One was something painful that I had avoided addressing for a very long time. With support and respect, Alessandra continued to reveal and read cards that encouraged me to be less afraid and look my demons in the eye. She made me feel safe. Needless to say, I urge anyone looking for insight to seek out Alessandra.

— Esther Chin, operations manager