Adriana is a bilingual Art and Yoga instructor of over 25 years. She is the Co owner of Soluna Fine Arts, a white belt NIA instructor and the curator of education of “The South Florida Day of the Dead”.



Adrianas mission is to empower women through creativity and get in touch with their Intuition. She has the ability to always see the potential in all women and help them tune into how to polish their own inner diamond.


How and why is Adriana dedicated to his service

Adriana helps individuals to connect with their Divine Feminine through the messages of the Oracle cards that she designed 18 years ago when doing her creative journaling. Through different meditations, exercises, music and movement she will spark the creativity in to your own life journey giving you self time to connect with your heart, dreams, Ideas, daily affirmations and even to find your life purpose.

“18 years ago when I was pregnant, I created a journal full of emotions, joy and insights. Twelve years later I painted them because I wanted to share my message through oracle cards. Finally, my vision has come through and I am happy to share it with you.”

Education / Preperation

  • BA in Fine Arts – Mexican Fine Arts institute.Certifications: Visual Arts and Photography – Ibero American University Kripalu Yoga Institute NY and Bali, Indonesia
  • Yoga kids Instructor
  • Creative Relaxation training
  • Playground theatre training
  • Yoga Therapy for children
  • Training Graphic Design 101
  • NIA white belt certification (creative movement) Yoga Music level 1
  • Professional Organizations: National Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • NIA Trainers institute.