6:30 pm — 8:30 pm
Bagua Center
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A cosmic event to access nobility, fearlessness as aspects of divine love  – A cosmic event to access divine love –

The Lions Gate portal opens every year on the eighth day of the eighth month, in the sign of Leo. It is a time when Orion’s belt aligns with the pyramids and the start, Sirius, climbs the sky bringing the rise of the Nile river. During this time of abundance, celebrated by the early ancient Egyptians, an alignment is formed transmitting waves of intense energy from the center of our universe. This gateway, also known as the Egyptian Planetary New Year, provides opportunities for the evolution of our Earth through new light codes of information and energies to accelerate ascension.

As it is a time of new energies it can also be a time of new beginnings bringing about changes to help you live a life more aligned with your authentic truth. It is an opportunity to observe where you are and where you would like to be. Trust that it is okay to leave behind that which no longer serves you and open to the shifts around you. Listen to your inner voice and courageously speak your truth with grace. Allow yourself to experience a great sense of connection and belonging.

The Lions Gate Star portal as it is called is intricately linked with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius that opens a ‘portal to the power of the heart’ each year in the month of August. The mystique and sacred symbolism associated with the star Sirius runs like a thread through all indigenous and spiritual traditions. Our alignment with the heliacal rising of Sirius connects us with our sun as a portal into greater cosmic alignment.

  • Light language transmissions
  • Restoring the balance between the Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine within
  • Celestial Codes
  • Crystalline codes
  • Starseed Downloads
  • Sirius sacred symbolism downloads
  • Pyramids connections
  • Remembering who you truly are

Along the history of humanity, felines have been associated in many cultures as the archetype of courage and protection, in native America the mountain lion was the “totem” symbol for many of the tribes, in the Inka culture the “Puma” was also part of the sacred trinity of the Inka tradition. In Christianity the Lion was also associated with Christ, and in the Vedic Culture, this divine Lion have the name of Narasimha. The archetype of the sacred feline is part of the history of humanity and on “Lion’s Gate” day we will honor that very principle by the recitation of special sacred mantras.

The Lion’s gate will happen with the Moon transiting the constellation called Anuradha, this constellation will also give us access to divine love. This constellation has been used by Yogis and Sages to awake the full power of the heart chakra reciting mantras and offering special prayers to the sacred fire (Agni). This sacred fire will mirror our desire to offer the best of us to the cosmos and humanity, this offering goes back to our lives due to the generous and compassionate vibration linked with the constellation Anuradha ruling that day. Be ready to invite braveness, fearlessness, generosity and more in your lives by sharing together with us this special event.

What to bring:

  • Crystals or objects that want to be energized
  • Blanket, yoga mat, water, and your beautiful soul
  • Please come to the room in silence connecting with your intuition and intention.


Claudia Aros

Owner - Healer

Kalki Das

Vedic Philosophy and Rituals

Love Investment

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