12:12 pm — 2:22 pm
Bagua Center
4736 NE 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137 United States
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Prepare for the new year by resetting and cleansing for a jump start to your healthy new year’s resolutions!

In this event you will be receiving 3 benefits in one!

A grounding Meditation

A free cleansing Kit for you to keep all year-round ($56.63 Value)

Informative Information on how to properly use your Cleansing kit!

We will begin by opening the space with Master Drummer Fernando Subirats, he will help us on a journey of the Soul as he guides you into a deep state of meditation through the Shamanic drums.

With clear intentions set before our meditation on what we would like to bring into the new year. Examples could be perhaps the love we desire, the job we have always wanted, the home we wished for, or the opportunity for experiences we have always dreamed of. All loving intentions are valid and welcome!

Claudia Aros will then introduce the new year’s cleansing kit giving ancestral wisdom on how to properly utilize each energetic tool. She will give insight on how to cleanse yourself and your space to open the new year with your beautiful intention to help us manifestations become more magnetic and bringing that energy forward.

This is overall a celebration! Invite your friends and family to come set their intentions as well for 2019! This event will be held in our Magical Garden so please feel free to bring your yoga mat, blankets, crystals, and essential oils of your choice. We look forward to bringing forth the new year the right way with you!


Claudia Aros

Owner - Healer

Fernando Subirats


Love Investment

Early Registration $48.88

Same day Registration $55.55

 + A Free Cleansing Kit ($56.63 VALUE)


December 31
12:12 pm - 2:22 pm



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