7:00 pm — 9:00 pm
Bagua Center
4736 NE 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137 United States
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Dance & Heal!

Movement is Medicine: A Form Conscious Ecstatic Dance that connects you to your body’s innate intelligence and ability to heal by using breath, chakra clearing sounds, music, meditation, and embodied movements.

You will be gently guided to connect to various parts of your body mindfully, with your breath, through the energy centers of your body, from stillness into diverse motions, through beats and rhythms and back into the presence of a calm energy-filled in-tuned mind-body-soul.

We are in constant movement as we go about our lives, and at the same time, the world is also moving infinitely. We move on Earth because we have a body, and the beautiful dance of life is created in every step we take with this body of ours. Movement is Medicine is an invitation to come in to listen and reconnect with the wisdom of your body as it moves through the creation of your own unique dance.

Many times, we move as directed by others, in the flow of other outside forces, and many times we move as directed by our inner selves or inward forces. It is a life-long process to notice and balance the space from where you create your movements; in-and-out, giving and receiving, falling and rising, and replacing the focus as needed. The work in progress can create tension, disharmony or unbalance; this can create discomfort, emotional turmoil, aches, and pains. Practicing being fully present in your body as it moves through all directions, while harmonizing outer and inner guidance, listening with the mind of meditation, tapping into your freedom to move, into your creative form, and finding your own way to move is an experience that can liberate stagnant tension, resource, and fill your heart. Expanding awareness and opening your heart center!

Join our safe space and experience the healing of mindful conscious movement. Let’s dance it all!


Maridelie Diaz Villanueva – Psy.D.

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Love Investment

$ 30 Early Registration

$ 35 Day of the Event


March 22
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