1:00 pm — 5:00 pm
Bagua Center
4736 NE 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137 United States
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Shamanic Drumming, Meditation, and Transformation

This workshop creates a space for deep release, transformation and creation with meditation, shamanic drumming, interspersed with workshops guiding you how to better envision and own your experience to create more of what you want in your life. It’s a chance to create a sacred space allowing you to tap into your intuition, connect vulnerably with like minded individuals, and leave refreshed and lit up to create magic in your life.

This half day workshop will take you on a journey to

  • Access your intuition with more ease
  • Help you release stories holding you back
  • Provide more clarity on the next steps in your journey

A Workshop with the intention to:

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Reduce Self Sabotage
  • Help You Create Your Reality with More Intention
  • Accelerate Your Evolution
  • Clarify Your Vision
  • Open Your Channels to Intuition
  • Bring You More Peace and Focus

Program for the day:

1- Intro & Welcome – 30 Mins

Getting to know your facilitators Share

  • What brought you here?
  • What are you seeking?
  • What’s your intention for the day

2- Drumming Intro – 10 Min

  • Getting in the Zone & Creating the Space

3- Module A – 25 Min – Creating a Vision / Living with Intention – A How to Guide – 30 Minutes

  • We are the designers / authors of our own life
  • We get to focus on what we want to create
  • Set Intention: What’s Your Vision?

4- Drumming A – 15 Min- Vision Journey

5 – Module A Reflection – 40 Min – Gaining Clarity

  • Vision note taking from drumming session
  • Elements of writing our visions – how to guide
  • Writing visions – workshop
  • Share

6 – Break – 20 Min – Brief Yoga Movement, Water, Snacks

7 – Module B – 30 Minutes

Our Ego Minds & Self Sabotage –

  • Understand our inner self dialogue
  • Understand our early patterns of love and
  • acceptance that hold us back
  • Victim vs. responsible distinction
  • Wounds we don’t want to look at
  • Writing Exercise – Tuning into our limiting voices
  • Self-Compassion
  • Hugging our internal child
  • Releasing self-criticism
  • Accepting we’re exactly where we need to be now
  • A Box Made of Stories
  • What we think is possible is often a result of the stories we tell ourselves and from what we’ve experienced

8 – Drumming B – 15 Min – Release the Past – A guided meditation for the first part to help folks let go what is holding them back

9 – Module B Reflection – 10 Min

  • Note taking
  • Share

10 – Module C – 20 Min

Ways of Being

  • Be Do Have vs. Do Have Be
  • What ways of Being do we want to cultivate?

11 – Drumming C – 15 Min

  • Cultivating and Spending time in Ideal States

12 – Drumming C Reflection – 10 Min

  • Note taking
  • Share

13 – Module D – 20 Min

  • Turning up the volume on Intuition
  • Spending time with our inner mentor

14 – Drumming D – 15 Min

  • Visualization with Inner mentor with the question what it is that I need to hear most at this moment?

15 – Drumming D – Reflection – 10 Min

  • Note taking
  • Share

16 – Integration – 20 Min

  • Review Where We Have Been
  • Shares & Takes Always from the day
  • Offers for further support





Love Investment

Pre-registration: $ 97

Day of the event: $ 147


November 16
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm




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