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Please, pay attention to the policies and guidelines below when visiting Bagua Center.
We will follow all government mandates for social distancing, capacity, and the wearing of masks.

• Masks are REQUIRED to enter our Center. You must have your mask on at all times, covering your nose and mouth, during any class, event, or private appointment.
• Social Distancing is an action taken to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19. It limits face-to-face contact, thus decreasing the chance of spreading the virus. Please, respect the social distancing of 6 feet apart between people.
• We will continue with our virtual classes/events/privates and slowly return to our normal schedule, as we feel safer over time.
• All our on-site classes and events are going to be held in our beautiful garden outside. Keep in mind that we might have last-minute cancellations due to weather changes.
• Attendance for on-site classes and events are now reduced to a certain number of people. Thus, please register in advance. No exceptions after we reach the maximum capacity.
• No mats, blankets, cushions, straps, blocks will be loaned out at this time. All clients must bring their own props. We are selling mats at the store if needed!

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Moon in Shatabhisha (Aquarius)

Honoring the Retrogrades to purify past karmas.

Claudia will open this amazing ceremony and then Kalki, trough the recitation of specific Mantras and offering of natural elements to the sacred fire, the archetype of the Ocean (Varuna), we will be able to purify any pending karma, giving you the access to a new chapter in your life. Build your life with pure and sincere desires.

We will do an offering of special grains to purify pending karmas, you only need to bring one bar of dark chocolate to offer in the ceremony, all other elements will be given to you during the ritual.

This full moon sacred fire ceremony will happen under the influence of the constellation called Shatabhisha, giving us the great opportunity to heal pending karmas.

On that day, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn will be in retrograde movement, amplifying the power of those planets. We have to come together as brothers and sisters to hold space for our life, our people and our planet. This fire ceremony will give us the opportunity to use these amplified planetary forces to bring harmony in our lives.

Trough the recitation of Vedic Mantras and activation of sacred codes we will invite these high energies, together we will invoke and recite these ancient Mantras during this special event.

After the sacred fire ceremony is finished, Kalki Das will give a surprise gift to all the assistants of the event.

Bring your stones and amulets to be recharged with the energy of the ceremony.

Sign up and be part of this unique ceremony honoring the full moon and this particular retrograde transit in the cosmos.

Note: – Bring one dark organic chocolate bar to the ceremony.


Kalki Das

Vedic Philosophy and Rituals

Love Investment


September 2
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm




6:30 pm — 8:00 pm

Learn to develop your intuition and how to communicate with the spirit world. THE MEDIUM CIRCLE [online] with Sophie The Medium. The place to connect with the spirit world and yourself. Clearing out to feel better. Creating a stronger link for spirit communication. You will be connecting with your own inner guidance and that of…



6:30 pm — 8:00 pm

Moon in Rohini (Taurus) Join us this Thursday 1st for the Full Moon Circle + Lunar Eclipse with a Vedic Fire Ceremony at Bagua Center. 🌟🌕 This Full Moon Vedic Fire Ceremony in Rohini (Taurus) marks the conclusion of the spiritual month of “kartik”, considered by Yogis and Sages as the month to awake divine…



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Immerse Yourself in the Power of Kundalini Yoga! Kundalini Yoga is an ancient science of breath and movement, that was brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan in the late 1960s. Kundalini Yoga was specifically designed to balance the glandular and nervous systems. It aims to promote health, fitness, relaxation, and a positive mindset. It…



7:00 pm — 8:30 pm

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind, and spirit. Reiki is simply a relaxing treatment whereas natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of Claudia Aros, our Reiki master (acting as a conduit) to the body of the recipient. The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to…