6:30 pm — 8:00 pm
Bagua Center
4736 NE 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137 United States
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An event that happens only in 12 years – Jupiter in Sagittarius + the New Moon will create a momentum in the Cosmos rarely seen!

Come join us on November 26. On that day, the Cosmos will facilitate the potential to:

  • Heal pending karma from ancestry line
  • Expansion of consciousness and projects
  • The alignment of our speech with the heart.

The retrograde movement of Mercury, the return of the Wise King to his Castle (Jupiter in Sagittarius) after 12 years + the New Moon will create a momentum in the Cosmos rarely seen.

Trough the recitation of specific Mantras and offering of natural elements to the sacred fire, we will be able tap into the great blessings Jupiter is waiting to give to us. Jupiter’s name in Sanskrit is Guru, he is the generous, giving and wise teacher ready to provide his light and love to us. The not so much loved, Mercury Retrograde, will be also on the sky and contrary to what the majority of people say, Mercury Retrograde is an excellent opportunity to move ahead and finalize pending projects, also by using the sacred fire and mantras during retrograde, you can dive deep into your consciousness and connection to the Divine.

The new moon will be transiting the constellation of Anuradha, the star that represents unconditional devotion and the divine cosmic mother. Anuradha constellation with the new moon will assure that our healing of pending karma in our family will be healed.

Trough the recitation of Vedic Mantras we will activate these high energies, together we will invoke and recite these ancient Mantras during this special event.

What to bring:

  • One yellow flower, all other elements will be given to you during the ritual (we will do an offering of natural elements to balance the energy of this planets in your favor)
  • Stones and amulets to be recharged with the energy of the ceremony. Also, a Vedic talisman will be giving to the participants.

SING UP and be part of this beautiful ceremony, THIS IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY that takes place every 12 years.

Retrograde of Mercury + Jupiter in Sagittarius + New Moon = A Vedic Fire Ceremony for Healing and Prosperity.


Kalki Das

Vedic Philosophy and Rituals

Love Investment

Early Registration $28.88

Day of the Event $33.33


November 26
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm




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