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A significant next step in your Ascension process

The Crystal Chakra Activation is a rather NEW, UNIQUE and very powerful tool.

It could only be done one-on-one until recently, but now can be given to a group of like-minded souls.

When first done in Amsterdam during an event people reported powerful extra dimensions because of the connection with the other participants.

This activation supports your body and light-body in the upgrading for the higher frequencies that are floating our planet and beyond in this crystallization process we are going through.


If you feel ready for a next step, for a significant acceleration in your process, this can be of great support in your evolution. It’s a process for alignment, integration and energy upgrade.


The 2 sessions help the body to remove old energies that don’t serve your system anymore and that don’t fit the new vibrations. The energies making up these come from a vast collaboration of Light Beings.


Session one:

Full twelve body alignment, integration and energy upgrade, through the holographic hexagonal white and gold configuration. Removal of lower energies that no longer fit the vibrations your integrated self holds. The feeling a lot of people get when the carbon cones (3D chakras) are removed is relief and a feeling of soft gentle energy, which is our true selves energies shining through. The old carbon conical chakras can be released as the new crystal chakras are being installed and activated. This will support your evolution in many ways. With the new codes moving in for the crystalline you can sense you start to feel lighter in energy and vibration. This first session will take 2 hours (maybe a bit longer!).


Session two:

In session two the new overlay or energy constructs are added for your conduit to function at the new level. This then moves to reflect within the auric fields. After the core is secured the overlay then is free to move in any direction needed for the deeper cleansing in the individuals area. Energy exchange between Source and Gaia will be increased amazingly at this time, to allow for the releases necessary for yourself and for the whole.

After this whole process has been finished and as we move around in our lives we are able to take this new expanded ‘energy-field’ with us to new areas, raising vibrations wherever we be on a new level from before. This second session will take around 2 hours.

Love Investment: For BOTH sessions together: $111 or $66 Per Day




Ariëtte Love’s Path has all to do with re-finding the Light and Love in ourselves. The Heart is Key for our Evolution and Ascension.

Living from her Heart has caused radical shifts in her own life and in that of others.

Ariëtte is passionate about supporting others to walk their own Path in accordance with their Heart. She particularly enjoys investigating this with people who are also dedicated to live according to their True Nature.

“I feel honored to be of service to you on your Life Path, to support you in remembering your Light and Truth and learn to live from your Heart once more, to remember Union within and embrace your (W) holiness.

To be whole again it’s essential to accept everything that flows through you; every emotion, thought, feeling, etc.

In other words: Saying YES to Life, to ALL of Life.

To have the courage to do that is a huge step beyond the known, into the unknown. Saying Yes to Life even includes saying yes to the No’s… For it includes ALL.

It means surrendering to Life (God, the Divine, the Universe) itself.

Living in the Heart, saying YES to all of Life is full of lessons in humbleness. Learning to put your – small / ego-self – to the side.

Taking layers and masks off. Lifting veils. And at the same time it is about acknowledging All that you really REALLY are… Becoming fully naked. Reaching the Core of who you are.

Just watch where that leads you. A life you couldn’t have thought of yourself. A path full of so called miracles. A path in which nothing remains as it was…. (This is the biggest fear of the ego by the way). You’ll notice that even your ‘past’ changes! Ideas, convictions, conditionings….

Now that’s FREEDOM!

This is my Path.

This is what I’m here for.

I’m a student of Life.

Of Love

I’m a messenger of Love.

Of Peace

Being the Love & Light that I am.

As are you


♡ may you be blessed with Love, Light and Joy, always and all ways ♡

Ariëtte Love offers consultations, gatherings, spiritual journeys, retreats and light transmissions and events worldwide; in person, with groups and via Skype. To name a few:

Crystal Chakra Activation (one of the three Key holders in the world who facilitate this), Ascension Coaching & Counselling, multi-dimensional healing, the Reconnection and Reconnective Healing, basic and multi-dimensional meditation teacher, Kinesiology, Reiki 1-3, Coaching & Councelling (adults, children, individuals, groups, families, etc.), Intuitive and Spiritual development trainer, Quantum Entrainment, and more.

Feel free to find out if there are services that resonate with you.

Feel with your Heart, the place where Truth resides.

Ariëtte has been a certificated coach and councellor for over 20 years already and has worked with a wide variety of people from all over the world, with adults and with children, families, elders, refugees, poor and rich people, people who had committed severe crimes, who were addicted, etc.

She combines everything she has experienced and learned at many different education into her own way of light & service work. This can vary from simply listening and connecting from heart to heart, to multi-dimensional healing, to love and light transmissions, to using sacred sound, and much much more.

What people often report back is that they feel seen and heard by her for who they really are. People have also reported that this often feels comforting and encouraging and is essential on a path of evolvement. She understands the highs and lows of life with compassion, having gone through much herself.

Ariëtte is highly intuitive and high sensitive (HSP) and has a strong connection to other realms and dimensions that work through and with her.

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