6:30 pm — 8:30 pm
Bagua Center
4736 NE 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137 United States
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The meaning of the devine number 1111 stems from the angel number 1; representing individuality, unity, and new beginnings.

On this day, we will be celebrating the opening to a portal of divine love for new beginnings. By centering and raising your vibration through meditation, song, and dance you will help embed this divine and blissful energy into your being, and into the depth of the earth. You will also experience a sacred doorway which opens into higher dimensional reality, into a place where you experience pure love and eternally safety.

Along with Claudia we will have a special performance by Intinaad. Intinaad is a Mantra/Kirtan band founded by Rimaj Barrientos on guitar, charango and voice; supported by Fernando Subirats on world percussion; angelic presence through the lead voice of Niko Paz; the wind medicine of Ann Hoffman on flutes and voice; and a range of special guests. The Music of Intinaad takes the listener on a journey into their own hearts- a musical journey that opens their awareness to the ancient sounds of mantra. Their performances take the shape of peaks and valleys and bring the listener closer to their own true Nature.

Claudia notes, “I have written before on the 11:11 synchronicity in which millions (some say 75 million) are seeing 11:11 on digital clocks with almost supernatural regularity! I started seeing 11:11 about 6 years ago and have always viewed it as a reassuring sign that all is well. Some feel 11:11 is the trademark of a group of 1,111 fun-loving spirit guides here to remind us that we are not alone, powerful beyond measure, and on track in aligning with our highest, truest and most loving Selves. Eleven is a spiritual Master number representing illumination, deep insight and great power. So yes, I truly believe the 11-11-11 date at this critical juncture in time is of GREAT significance! I believe that on 11:11:11 there will be a light-filled infusion of loving energy sweeping around the world. In love, I live, I move, I exist.”

Listen to your heart. The physical way you honor this sacred day is not as important as the intention you bring to it. This will be a day of amplified energy, whatever intention you have will be strengthened and come into manifestation quickly. It is important to hold the highest vision for yourself and for the world; you will automatically be linked to all who are doing the same.

On 11.11.2021 you will be able to experience a sacred doorway that opens into higher dimensional reality to a place where you remember that you are pure love and eternally safe. You will tune into a frequency that will guide you to an ancestral connection to bring light and love.

We will be celebrating on this day to open a portal of divine love for new beginnings. We are here to assist with helping you ground this divine and blissful energy into your being and into the body of the earth. You will also be able to experience a sacred doorway that opens into higher dimensional reality- to a place where you remember that you are pure love and eternally safe.

Claudia Aros will be opening the space with harmonious energy and her gracious light codes to activate the energy needed to expand our awareness.

Please feel free to bring a yoga mat, sitting pillow, and/or blanket for your comfort. You may bring sacred objects such as crystals and essential oils to add to space or recharge during the event.


Claudia Aros

Owner - Intuitive Healer

Love Investment

Early Bird: $55.55
Day of Event: $68.88


November 11, 2021
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm