4:00 pm — 6:00 pm
Little River Studios
300 NE 71st

MIAMI, FL United States
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Step Through the 11.11 Gateway & Open Your Heart to New Beginnings

On Sunday the 11th of November 2018 we will experience 11-11-11 (On the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year) something that will not happen again for one hundred years!

Meaning of 11:11:

Numbers are a universal language. The angel number 1 represents individuality, unity, new beginnings… Seeing it multiplied increases its power!

We will be celebrating on this day to open a portal of divine love for new beginnings. By centering and raising your vibration through meditation, song, dance, or other ways- you will be able to help ground this divine and blissful energy into your being and into the body of the earth. You will also be able to experience a sacred doorway that opens into higher dimensional reality- to a place where you remember that you are pure love and eternally safe.

Join Claudia and Jill on this magical journey!!!!

Claudia is the owner of Bagua Center, she is a very versatile woman, who through teachings and life experiences has upgraded her entire being becoming a beautiful soul of Light, she is a businesswoman, spiritual healer, and a mother who through energy channeling she is able to balance life and still be able to share so much love and light by serving others. Her goal is to help humanity to heal and to assist in their spiritual journey by opening hearts to anyone who receives the call of healing, love, and light so we can become in this realm what we were sent here to be.

Jill Rapperport brings her 20 plus years of experience as Speaker, trainer, Spiritual counselor, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Indigenous Healing Arts, NLP, Sound Healing, Meditation, mantra, and Breath work to transmute and purify the atmosphere through sound bowl healing. We will be gathering to create sacred space within ourselves as well as, balancing our energetic body.

Jill was born with a vision of peace for all beings on planet earth. She is a visionary, gifted healer, and educator. She weaves into her work her teachings from the top thought leaders, gurus, Native American and Peruvian shamans, as well as neuroscience, metapsychology and mind life science.

This 11-11-11 portal opens to the galactic center of our universe and is a ONCE IN OUR LIFETIME event. Come to bathe in an elevated frequency of sound healing and Step through this wide open petal to the highest dimensions of reality.

Here is what Claudia has to say about the great 11.11.11 phenomena.

“I have written before on the 11:11 synchronicity in which millions (some say 75 million) are seeing 11:11 on digital clocks with almost supernatural regularity! I started seeing 11:11 about 6 years ago and have always viewed it as a reassuring sign that all is well. Some feel 11:11 is the trademark of a group of 1,111 fun-loving spirit guides- here to remind us that we are not alone, powerful beyond measure and on track in aligning with our highest, truest and most loving Selves.  Now I see 11:11 everywhere! Eleven is a spiritual Master number representing illumination, deep insight and great power – so yes, I truly believe the 11-11-11 date at this critical juncture in time is of GREAT significance!  I believe that on 11:11:11 there will be a light-filled infusion of loving energy sweeping around the world. In love I live I move I exist.”

Join us at Little River Studios to usher in these energies! Some may just feel a strong pull to be in nature alone, or with one or two close friends. Listen to your heart. The physical way you honor this sacred day is not as important as the intention you bring to it. This will be a day of amplified energy- whatever intention you have will be strengthened and come into manifestation more quickly. It is important to hold the highest vision for yourself and for the world and you will automatically be linked to all who are doing the same.

Meditation for 11-11-11 will begin at 4:00pm. We ask for you to please arrive promptly so we can sweep this energy across the planet!

How to prepare

  • There will be no cash payment at the door.
  • In order to attend this exclusive event, all payments must be made in advance online or on our Bagua Center app.
  • Rain or shine, this is an event that is indoors.
  • Carpool, take ride services, etc. to accommodate neighborhood parking. Park legally.
  • Arrive early to account for parking.
  • No alcohol/drugs/smoking.
  • Please feel free to bring a yoga mat, sitting pillow, and/or blanket for your comfort.
  • You may bring sacred objects such as crystals and essential oils to add to space or recharge during the event.


Claudia Aros

Owner - Healer

Jill Rapperport

Sound Healer

Love Investment

$   33.33


November 11, 2018
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm




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