What brought me to visit Claudia and receive her healing was pure guidance from Spirit
It’s already been a few times that I have mentioned to her in the past that she kept coming to me through my ceremony work and sometimes in dreams but I wasn’t sure why…
until I started lately experiencing a series of events in my life that caused me to push ‘pause’ in my service and accept that it was time to clear and to receive, learn and clean my field.

The moment o accepted this I sat on my altar and asked whom should I come to and Claudia was 1 of 4 healers (the first one) that came to my awareness and I knew I had to come and see her.

I am extremely grateful for her service as I feel a way that I still cannot describe or quantify, (put into words) but all around, peace has found me again, I feel lighter and my sleep (that has abandoned me) have come back to me again.

Sending the Bagua tribe loving blessings from the depths of my heart to yours

Gracia María

So Last Friday, I had the blessed experience of receiving an Intuitive Energy Healing and Activation of Light Session with Claudia Aros.

This time it took me a week to grasp the experience. Although the session felt subtle, the effect was incredibly intense.

I was very impressed by all the things we covered, and all the insights I received regarding who I am.

To put it metaphorically; it felt as she was able to reach into the fire within me and make it brighter as well as also making me conscious of it.

Now every time I consciously think of the session or the effect, I can feel how the energies vibrate on all my chakras, and that, for me is greatly inspiring in so many levels. It brings me to tears to be conscious of how reconnected and blessed I am with my soul.

The week has been a process to digest the session, but as I followed her directions in the healing homework I managed to tune in back into my inner self. Consequentially, it made me reconnect my heart with others and with the all, feeling lighter, happier and immensely blessed.

Two days ago, I had the most beautiful dream I had in my entire life; I relived all the good moments I had in my life, from childhood all the way up to where I am now, and it purely came from how connected I am with my soul.

There are so many things I can say about my experience in this session, but each has their own experience. So give yourself the time and space to reconnect with your energetic body.

Thank you so much, Claudia, for such a blessed experience and for being such an incredibly powerful soul, there is so much I have been learning from you; you are an amazing healer and a divine human being. There is no way I can define the immense love of your heart and the infinite light you shine to others. Thank you so muchFacundo Raganato

All I can say about this healing session is wow.
I’m usually skeptical about “energy healers” due to past experiences with phony Reiki masters but Claudia is one divine channel of light. The session started with her placing crystals all through my chakras. I just allowed myself to receive whatever came through the experience with no expectation.
All of a sudden as she called upon the archangels the room felt as it was full of energies…I felt safe and protected.
I feel as if these were my guides and angels connecting with Claudia to assist in this healing session.
Once Claudia placed her hands on my head I went into almost like a hypnosis state. What felt like 3 hours was only about 10-15 minutes I felt like I was traveling at light speed through the cosmos picking up information codes and getting glimpses of what seemed like blue extraterrestrials. (That was pretty cool). Once I returned back to normal consciousness I felt a little nauseous it was a lot but that subsided quickly and when I opened my eyes everything seemed extra vibrant.
As the days passed really cool things were happening like;
Closing my eyes and seeing this silver cord coming from the top of my head
(connection to higher self).
Feeling more aligned with my truth and being confident about it.
Understanding deeper that “Everything That Is Essential, Isn’t Visible”

Thank you, Claudia, for being such a divine being of light & love.
For following your truth and assisting souls on earth to connect with the true essence of there existence.

My reason for attending a spiritual healing session with Claudia was because I had a lot of stress over the summer regarding family issues and work-related. It was nice that before the session began Claudia took the time to explain what was the goal for the session. I didn’t know what to expect but I felt at ease and surprisingly open to receive. After-I had great calmness. One of the things the Claudia suggested for me to do is to take time in mornings to give thanks for all that I have. I find myself totally relaxed; which is great – since I usually suffer from anxiety. I highly recommend this for everyone!! And looking forward to get more work done.Tica Kauderer

The healing session recommended to me by a friend and I arrived out of pure curiosity with absolutely no expectations.
This was such an incredible experience that had a big impact on my life, my wellness and my relationships.
Claudia has such an amazing balance between sweet and strong energy, right away I felt like I’ve known her forever.
We had two sessions together and first I notice I was feeling great, very light, clear and balanced, but it actually had much bigger impact on my life, over the next couple of month I’ve to start connecting dipper to myself and see the magic in everything, it helped me to see the bigger picture and to deal better with everyday challenges. It’s like everything I’ve been through and all I’ve learned before started to take shape and connect together in the clearest way.

Also, lately I’ve signed up for Reiki Level 1 and been practicing since I learned such a beautiful and powerful tool to help heal myself and my family and looking forward to Reiki Level 2.
Don’t take my word for it, explore, try and feel for yourself!Sasha Greenberg

The healing session with Claudia was amazing! It is not easy to find a healer that is able to work in you, in such a good balance, the determination and strength of your masculine energy and the sweatiness and compassion of your feminine energy. I ended the session feeling extremely light and peaceful. Namaste Claudia!Gabriela Casanas

After a very traumatic loss of a dear friend, Claudia was suggested to me for a healing. I am so grateful I went. I felt so much lighter after the session. Claudia was a wonderful listener, very compassionate. She is one of the most powerful healers I have ever met. Not only did I feel more peaceful after our session, she offered wonderful self care advice, which I followed, further helped my healing and peace of mind. She helped me to cope with my loss and I am forever grateful for her healingCheryl Barkan

Hello! Thank you for the healing that you did on me. During the relaxation session while I was meditating, I saw you floating like a goddess, with golden clothing on. You were suspended over me in the air, your hair would move like the sun’s rays. I was returned to my childhood, to when I was five years old. I saw myself in the mountains, running through the tall grass, it looked like wheat. I saw myself so very happy. Then I saw all of my life’s happiest memories; my adolescence, when I gave birth to my son, then to my son… All my most joyful memories up to this present moment. I saw myself very happy with my husband and my children. When the session was over and I opened my eyes, I saw a red light, like a fire, then I saw grey, then black, and finally it was white and bright. I felt so much peace and I still feel that way. I love you so much.Ana Suero

Hola! Gracias por el healing que me hiciste. Durante la sección de relajamiento,
mientras yo meditaba te veía a ti flotar como una diosa, con ropa de oro. Estabas encima de mi
suspendida en el aire. Tu pelo se movía como las llamas del sol. Me trasladé a mi niñez cuando tenía 5 años. Me vi en el monte corriendo por la gramas y las gramas eran verdes y altas parecía trigo. Me veía muy feliz luego vinieron a mi todas las etapas felices de mi vida…mi adolescencia y luego cuando di a luz a mi hija y luego a mi hijo los momentos felices que viví en todas las etapas de mi vida hasta el
presente. Me vi muy feliz con mi esposo y mis hijos. Al terminar la sección cuando destapaste mis ojos vi una luz roja como el fuego, después se puso gris y luego negra y al final blanca y brillante. Me sentí muy en paz y hasta hoy me siento así. Te quiero mucho.Ana Suero

I had such an amazing session with you today my love. truly an honor to have you in my life, as a friend, a mentor, and spiritual guide. Many many blessings i’ve received from you and I feel so strongly that it was divine guidance that brought us together. i have so much appreciation and admiration for you.Kaylen Chan

Claudia is a Divine Warrior Goddess that embodies sweet messages to contribute to the healing of our mind, body and soul… As a calling from the Mother’s guidance, she stands strong and firm with what she chooses to represent in her sacred space from crystals to sacred palo santo to sage, her workshops and programs are well put into place with intentions of raising our vibration. Thank you for your presence sister and all your hard whole hearted work ✨ ✌️Aho!Lida Ebrahimi

Amazing Energy. Great Location. Powerful People Building a New Paradigm! Highly Interesting Subjects! Charismatic Owner, Claudia Aros!Sandra Aguiar

I feel more relaxed, hopeful, happy, and thankful.Fara Diaz

Re-born, unleashed, free, renewed, with positive mind and heart open is how I feel after a session with Claudia Aros. Yesterday I had the opportunity to experience an Intuitive Healing session with Claudia. During the session I could feel the presence of Angels working on me to help me heal my soul from anything that could be affecting my life in a conscious and unconscious level, I felt so much love during this process that all I could say to Claudia, to her guides and our higher self is THANK YOU, I am so grateful for being here and for always helping me to open my heart!Ivy Maldonado

My favorite zen place in Miami… I can still remember the first time I stumbled across this beautiful store and walk in. Who would have know, years later, we’d be working together in sync and love. Still my place of zen, I find myself making trips to the store almost every week still, just to catch a smile with the loving staff & practitioners. Miami needs more places of love like this!Sarah Raw

My name is Steven Sierra and I’m a body worker that lives in South Beach. My primary focus is on physical, emotional, and mental stress relief. I’ve recently felt the need, actually more like compelled to incorporate spiritual healing in my personal practice. I was lucky enough to have a one on one session with Claudia Aros. After 80 min of a healing session that combined many techniques such as crystal work, chanting, cleansing work etc. I can honestly say I felt like years of stagnant energy was free to flow again. I also got immediate relief from a knee pain that I had for months. I tried addressing from a physical level but quickly relalized the problem was deeper.I’m looking forward to many sessions with Claudia.Steven Sierra