How it Works

You will receive flowing rhythmic compressions using the feet, knee, palms, elbows, forearms, and fingers while being placed in various stretching positions while using breath control which effectively produces a balanced and harmonious symbiotic communication which integrates the body.


Frequently, a person expresses feelings of purified consciousness, invigorated the spirit

Long-Term Results

A session can fulfill an individual by inspiring the soul and tranquilizing the body thus giving a feeling of renewal.

How to Prepare

Wear loose fitting comfortable material. The session will start with an explanation of the expectations and then we will continue with a brief meditation to reach relaxation. The session will then begin with body manipulations through stretching poses or compression techniques using the hands, feet, elbows etc.… and that will continue for the duration of the session.



$125 60 Minutes

$155 90 Minutes

$188 120 Minutes

$225 60 Minutes

$255 90 Minutes

$288 120 Minutes