Jyotisha is a mystical language of light brought to us from the Vedas in India.

Vedic Astrology refers to Indian or Hindu astrology, a system that originated in ancient India, and was documented by sages in the Vedic scriptures. Also known as “Jyotish”-the science of light, Vedic astrology deals with astral light patterns that are thought to determine our destiny.

Paddi will examine the various signs and planetary placements in your birth chart that unify the make-up of your own personal light frequency; your soul blueprint; your karmic code. Like going to a well for water, this language of light that comes to you in chart form, is the source or well of self-knowledge. It is a sister science of the Vedas and it gives you deep mystical information about your soul, your current life karma, and your personal relationship to the cosmos.
Within your birth chart you will learn about energetic alchemical combinations that create specific patters that bring light into form, and create the unique Being called YOU. Key areas of your chart and life include Relationships and Love, Sexuality, Money and Wealth, Career, Health and Nutrition, Children and Family, Past Life, and Karmas. Jyotisha is referred to as the “Eyes of the Vedas”, because it helps you to see the truth.


“Jyotisha is the blueprint of your soul. When you come to this planet, you bring with you information about the journey of your soul; your strengths, your weaknesses, and the timing of the unfolding of your karma. Your Vedic astrology birth chart will give you this information. It is a sacred scientific mystical language that helps you understand yourself and your relationship to others, as well as the grande cosmos in which we live.” –Paddi Moore

A high level of professionalism and confidentiality combined with compassion and a true love of sharing this wisdom create an experience that is sacred and powerful.




Stefania Leone is one of the first contemporary neo-Vedic Astrologers in North America, here fulfilling her vision of incorporating this sacred ancient wisdom as a normal practice in the western world.

She sits on the Board of Directors of the American Council of Vedic Astrologers and has received honorary degrees from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences.

Stefania holds the title of Jyotish Medhashri, which recognizes her as being a leading pioneer in spreading the spiritual science of Vedic Astrology in the west

Her mission is to help the western world incorporate Vedic astrology into their everyday world. I work particularly with those who practice yoga

It has been a clear life purpose since an epiphany at the age of 7 years old!

This ancient metaphysical language is a combination of pure physics (science) astronomy and mathematics and a mystical element which goes beyond physics, thus it is metaphysical. She has not found a better tool for helping others have a deeper understanding of their true nature and their individual purpose. It truly does answer the questions; who am I? Why am I here?

Besides that it is a tool to help you understand and navigate relationships and career dilemmas. It is also a tool for making the correct choice/decision at the correct time!

Vedic astrology continues to impress and astonish Stefania. She dedicates her life to helping people understand its value.

She had waited until her children were grown to really devote herself to this service. She is in the process of creating her first teaching course as well as her first book. She expects to release both of these projects within the year.

1983 Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy

1987 Astrological Faculty of Western Astrology

2003 American College of Vedic Astrology

2010 Indian Council of Astrological Sciences – honorary degrees as well as special recognition in excellance in chart intepretation as well as being a leader in teaching this wisdom to the west.

2010- present Board of Directors of the Council of Vedic Astrologers

Stefania Moore is the Goddess of Vedic Astrology! The lovely Stefania has been one of my Spiritual Directors and teachers the past couple years. Stefania embodies the wise woman archetype and she has guided me with her wisdom, knowledge and personal experience, which has taught me how to navigate my journey from a place surrender, trust and discernment. Not only has Vedic Astrology helped me understand who I am and for what purposes was I born but it has also been an incredible parenting tool to help me guide my children. Stefania also embodies a very important principle as a teacher, which is humor! Life is serious enough and personally I love to be surrounded by lovely souls who love to laugh like Stefania. I feel deeply blessed to have.

Stefania walk with me on this wild ride called life! ~ Karen Petersen Sainas”