Source Energy Session

During private source energy sessions, Val works with the same energy that she does with groups settings.

Source Energy is used so that one can connect to their Soul, their Higher Self through energy transmission. Val is also an intuitive and can read into Akashic records, if the session asks for this information it will be given. It’s all a divine process. She has no program, she lets it all flow as it should.

It’s suggested to receive more than one session as you go deeper every time.

This energy advances Healers, Psychics, Yogis, and those who wish to deepen their meditation.


  • Physical Healing
  • Mental Healing
  • Releasing of patterns and blocks
  • Heart Opening
  • Pain-body releases
  • Inner peace
  • Communications from divine beings
  • Recalibration to higher frequency
  • Past lives visions
  • Speaking in tongues
  • Upgrade in DNA
  • Experience the Angelic Realm and Higher
  • Soul Rising
  • Soul Awakening
  • and so much more…

Sessions are privates, in a quiet room. Usually to lay down. Depends on what is needed for the being, it can be an energetic transmission or breaking through mental patterns and control through talk.



Valeria Tignini

The workshops and sessions I have are changing people’s lives in a profound way. Bringing them closer into higher awareness and understanding. As well as activating people’s into their soul purpose.

Breaking down their mental blocks of which manifest as energy blocks all through energy work. Which will allow one to flow in polarity.

There are no words for this work and for what one can receive. My achievements are to bring people closer to God/Source.

To bring others into higher consciousness. A healing of the mind and body and in alignment to their soul.

I have had a spontaneous activation on December 12th, 2010 which some call the Holy Spirit running through or Kundalini Awakening.

I work with Christ Consciousness/Source Energy.

My life is in dedication to serve humanity.

My education comes from lifetime to lifetime but the highest understanding in connection to source.