Reiki Session with Crystal Infusions

Healing for your Mind, Body & Spirit

Understanding Reiki

A Reiki Practitioner is a conduit for Universal Life Force Energy and Reiki is administered by a gentle hands-on (or slightly above the body) healing technique that restores and balances your energy, promoting natural self healing. Your Reiki session will allow your mind and body to balance and to deeply heal through receiving vital life-force energy that will nurture your own self-healing. Truly, the best way to understand Reiki is to experience it for yourself!

Amy provides a safe healing space to help transform and navigate your life’s challenges. Reiki will help relieve your aches and pains, give you comfort, energy, clarity and direction which will help you TRANSFORM and live your best life! Crystals are infused into your Reiki session to help support your transformation even further.
Reiki is complementary to traditional western medicine and provides profound healing results; emotionally, physically, and spiritually improving your quality of life.

Reiki benefits include 

  • Anxiety & stress relief
  • Deep relaxation & restful sleep
  • Relief from physical & emotional pain
  •  Connecting to self & body
  • Releasing old attachments & fears
  • Finding trust & confidence in yourself
  • Creates harmony & flow in life
  • Clarity & deeper understanding of experiences
  • Accelerated recovery time from injury or illness

What can you expect during your in person session with Amy?

After a discussion about your Reiki intentions, Amy will begin your session by cleansing your space and deeply root you to Mother Earth, activate a unique crystal grid and continue your session with energy healing. You remain fully clothed and lie down on a Reiki table listening to relaxing music. After setting your intentions your only job is to relax and let the gentle crystal energy and Reiki envelope your whole existence!

Some people experience sensations through their body like tingling, stomach gurgles, floating feeling, warmth or cold sensations, visions or messages and others are so relaxed they simply fall asleep! This is a time for self-care and deep relaxation, each session is a different and unique experience.

When your Reiki session is complete, you and Amy will discuss what came up during your energy healing and how to best integrate with your session.

This may include –

  • Crystals and/or Crystal Grid guidance to further support your healing, manifesting, and/or protection intentions
  • Oracle card reading to receive special messages from Spirit

Afterwards, people often are relaxed, refreshed, feel relief from their aches and pains and walk away feeling clear, lighter, hopeful and at peace.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes