Breathe to de-stress and to gain inner contentment

We breathe to de-stress, to balance, to liberate, to feel good, and to gain inner contentment.

We are so glad you found your way to breathwork!

Surrendering to the breath we are able to go beyond the ever chatting critic, your busy head and move into your body, your heart and allow yourself to feel and see what is active underneath the surface thoughts and shed layers to liberate the best version of yourself!

Breathwork helps us to breakthrough, understand and release obstacles, old beliefs systems, patterns, or traumas that are holding us back from archiving something, from change, from freedom, and fully thriving in life! So that then we are able to align our visions and dreams with our thoughts, actions, and feelings to fully thrive and radiate inner calmness.

The breath can be an accelerator for transformation and healing as we are able to release big blockages on a deep level quite fast. Letting the breath guide us within instead of trying to figure it all out with our head makes this practice so profound.

How a session looks like:
Bagua center sessions are specially crafted for YOU!

No previous experience is necessary. Stephi holds space for you in just the perfect way you need it, every of her playlists is made for your energy and purpose.

We’ll start with ceremonial cacao from Guatemala, prepared with Intention, and made to open your heart.

Then we will talk about YOU and moving to a grounding practice, so you can leave the day, the week behind you, and fully be here for your breathwork session.

The total time is 100 min of which 60 min is the breathwork, done laying down. In this practice, we use a circular connected breath.

Once you start the conscious connected breathing, music accompanies you as well as Stephi’s voice guiding you. After active breathing and the integration period, we’ll reflect on the session. Stephi suggests practices to you that you can do on your own in your daily life. You’ll also get free email support with her for 2 full weeks after your session. We are here for you on your journey!

Stephi Wald

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