Perfect Career Formula Description

I wonder, if you could imagine what it would be like to wake up at sunrise with excited anticipation of what you’ve got planned for the day – not burdens and obligations, but worthy challenges that are perfectly aligned with your soul desire also known as your Life Purpose. You absolutely can have this life, if you know the Formula of Your Perfect Career. Because a perfect “career” is not a corporate job, it’s a strategy to fulfill your Life Purpose, all you have to do is to figure out the destination and map out the journey.

Your Perfect Career Formula is specifically designed to help you identify your Life Purpose and work on the steps that you need to take to align your professional life to your purpose to experience meaning and satisfaction. Regardless of where you are today – in a job situation, freelancing, or running a business, applying the concept of career to your work enables you to have control of the results of that work because of the imbedded structure and planning that career management implies. Moreover, applying the concept of a “Life Purpose” to your work adds the meaning and satisfaction piece to this puzzle. Together, they form the “Perfect Formula” that helps you name your Life Purpose, identify the talents that support your purpose, and the sequence of steps of activating your purpose through your professional life.

Now, you are probably wondering how can we possibly get access to this information? It is not so hard to find, if you know where to look…

Do you know that every time you make a decision or demonstrate consistency in your thinking, this information is recorded in your hand? That’s right, your hand is like a monitor that reflects what’s happening in your mind. Those who are trained in the Scientific Hand-Analysis can read you like a book, literally. The explanation to this phenomenon can be found in the recent neuropsychological and cognitive research studies that demonstrate the connection of the human brain to the hand. This is interesting, but not nearly as interesting as the fact that your fingerprints hold the information about your source of meaning in this lifetime. When put together, the fingerprints with the lines on your hands tell a story of your soul’s destination and your current location on that map. Once you know the map, you can make decisions and choices that lead you to experience meaning and satisfaction in your life instead of a struggle from going against what is meant for you.

Program Features and Benefits

This quick-start program contains everything you need to make sense of your own life, identify your perfect career path – either in a job, working for yourself or running a business and to arrive at the formula of activating your Life Purpose. While the 3 coaching calls are designed to be taken 7 to 10 days apart, you are advised to keep a daily journal and complete assignments between the calls.

FIRST Session (60 min)

In this session we will look at your Soul Agenda based on your finger and hand prints – the life that is meant for you, what you need to master in order to step into this life, and the specific area of your life in which you need to gain and maintain balance, your natural talents, personality and career rhythm.

Clarity on the life that is meant for you, including learning the specific name of your Life Purpose. You learn to recognize events and circumstances that activate your Purpose. You can choose to be in your Purpose vs. being challenged with uncomfortable circumstances, all leading to you being forced to face your Purpose.

Value of $497.00

SECOND Session (40 min)

Now, that you know the grand design of your life, let’s look at what is in your way, what keeps you stuck. It takes courage to face your blind spots, but this clarity gives you strength to take action.

Clarity on what you should stop doing, what you should do differently and where you need to put more effort. You will learn to recognize when a life challenge is a necessary lesson to make you stronger and when it is an indicator that you are off course from your Purpose. This awareness enables you to make the right choices and make the most of your life.

Value of $497.00

THIRD Session (40 min)

It’s time to make your action plan. Now that you know the destination and know what needs to change, you can make a decision on what to do about aligning your professional life to your purpose. We will be looking at Your Perfect Career Formula, with the variables of your own Soul Agenda.

You will have put together the actual formula for your perfect career. This is your vision expressed in very specific tangible form, like a job description for the work that will be your source of meaning.

With the elegance of a formula, you have a code for your best life captured on one page. It is what you can envision for yourself knowing that it’s not an idle daydream but a possible future that you can implement.

Value of $497.00

Plus you will get your Perfect Career Formula PDF report. To support your work even further, the key concepts of your specific Soul Agenda will be outlined in this document to have it all in one place and make it easier for you to go through the program.

Value of $197.00

Total program value is: $1,688.00

Saving when paying in full : -691.00

Your Perfect Career Formula Program available today for one payments of    $997.00

First Session – 60 min

Second Session – 40 min

Third Session – 40 min


3 Session Package