Those who know their purpose, can master time – a shortcut to tranquility, meaning, and satisfaction.

Dr. Ollga will analyze your unique divine design as recorded in your finger and handprints in order to help you identify the source of meaning and satisfaction in this lifetime. In addition, she will help you understand how you can utilize your specific gifts and natural tendencies to align your current life to the life that is meant for you. The information about your gifts and energetic influences is also contained in your hands, as well as blockages, warning markers and indicators of misalignment with your purpose.

There are two basic directions which this session can take. One is a reading about your life purpose and everything that you need to know to enable it to blossom. You will learn the exact name of your purpose, the critical point of balance in a specific area of life that you need to achieve, as well as the path through which fulfillment of your purpose will become possible.

Another question or issue that you would like to understand, or direction of a hand-analysis session is aimed at a particular resolve. Because the information that is contained in your hands is so vast, one session can only cover a particular aspect of the complexity of you, either it’s your divine blueprint or an issue that needs clarity. For that reason, it would be advisable to invest in a package.



3 Session Package