Maori Healing: Letting go of what no longer serves you…

What is Maori Healing?

The Maori Healing bodywork is encompassing techniques that work on a deep physical, spiritual and emotional level. By working on a deep level in the body we are able to let go of things that no longer serve us. It helps us release emotional and physical blockages and it reactivates the body. Maori Healing is also an effective way to relax the muscles, letting go of stress and it will help the body to get back into alignment.

How It Goes

A session is typically done using a massage table. The practitioner will work intuitively to sense the blocks that the person might hold. Work is done on a deep physical level to aid the person of letting go of physical, mental and spiritual blocks. Sometimes we may experience pain in areas with stagnant energy and blocks. An important tool is using our breath while letting go.

What to Wear

Please wear comfortable clothing. It is not recommended to book a session if you are on your moon cycle. The duration of the sessions varies depending on what work needs to be done and how much the person is able to receive.

A way to clear the body of trapped emotions and open the energetic pathways.

“Maori Healing helps clear the body from emotional, physical and spiritual blockages. By clearing and reactivating the body we allow it to heal and realign. – For some it has the effect of a reset button, allowing us to let go of emotions and sometimes traumas stuck inside. Once some of the things weighing us down have been released, it is easier to start making changes in our life and reconnect with who we are. I started working with Maori Healing because I felt how the deep work, in the physical aspect of our being, helps release and affect also the emotional and spiritual in an effective and sometimes immediate way”, says Sophie The Medium.

Maori Healing will partly stimulate the energetic pathways of the body allowing the energy to flow freely as a result. At times the work will involve deep physical pain. The pain is an invitation to reconnect with our physical being and the emotions and memories we may have stored in our body. We have the choice, to allow ourselves to feel the pain or to avoid it. Through breath and being in contact with the pain we release what is trapped and the healing process begins.

A Maori healer practitioner will always use intuition to feel the body and allow that to guide what work will be done in the individual session.

The ancient Maori healing tradition, Te Oomai Reia, has been passed down through generations and incorporates techniques that work on a deep cellular level. Allowing the release and healing to take place we invite a shift in our body, mind and spirit. Emotional release is a way of letting go of our past, creating space for a new way of being. Sometimes even one session can mark a new beginning in one’s life.

A Maori Healing session can last somewhere between 40-90min depending on what your body needs in the moment and how much it is able to receive. Please wear comfortable clothing and avoid any perfumes. It is NOT recommended to book a session if on your moon cycle.