InnerDialogue, a mind-body process developed by Dr. Solihin Thom, is like getting holistic counseling yet the advice comes directly from your body and unconscious.

It empowers you to look deeply into the root source behind acute or chronic pain, lifestyle challenges, dis-ease, allergies, emotional imbalances, mental distractions, spiritual disarray and more. This unique exploration uses organic tools: hand mudras (like sign language for communication) and muscle testing (a straight arm assessment tool) to gain insightful answers, find solutions for resolution and inspire forward action in all areas of your life.

  • EXPLORE: Explore the true source of what is bothering you.
  • RESOLVE: Resolve an allergy or other chronic problem that is persistent.
  • RISE: Rise above all stagnant or unmanageable aspects of your life –
    relationships, emotions, habits, psychological concerns and more
  • SUPPORT: Support or further accelerate healing and recovery.
  • CLEANSE: Cleanse energies in and around you.
  • HEAL: Heal from trauma, dis-ease or health concerns.
  • SEEK: Seek a new direction, purpose, or resources.

In many cases physical, mental, or emotional patterns are resolved, and you’ll feel an immediate sense of lightness, and well-being. Leaving with a more nourishing picture, and understanding that inspires healing, new pathways, forward action, clarity, passion, love, and more.

In the process, I use over 2,000 hand mudras as a language for communication. Hand Mudras in Sanskrit means a seal, gesture, mystery or symbol that gives physical expression to an inner state. The National Academy of Sciences revealed that hand gestures stimulate the same regions in the brain as language. It also bypasses to the higher neocortical pathways, allowing precise access to the subconscious and cellular memory.

When a hand mudra is a placed directly into your hands this approach is gently asking your body powerful questions. The purpose is to retrieve answers and explore the root causal effects which created a dysfunctional state or “dis-ease” within your body and lifestyle.

Muscle testing (a science of kinesiology) is another tool used by employing a ‘straight arm-pull-down’ test from your arm as a feedback tool for accessing clean and clear information.

When using both hand mudras and muscle testing are used simultaneously, a chronological narrative of ‘your story’ becomes unraveled – an outline of your unique truth/reality. This is the hallmark of ontology – to know the sequence of events that have created your state of being or consciousness. Also during the consultation, holistic support will be requested from you (using hand mudras) from modalities such as Cranial Fluid Dynamics™, Qi: in a Rhythm™, ALLERGY™, Bach Flower, Essential Oils and more…

InnerDialogue helps you shift swiftly into your new founded knowledge/state of being. When the consultation is done, you will receive a written story – a recording of what happened during your process. For optimal results, you take what has been learned ‘your story’ and embody this understanding into your life.


David Rosas

Holistic Healing & Human Development



$325 90 Minutes


$525 90 Minutes


$750 90 Minutes

Groups and Families


$900 Per hour

Business and Organizations


$325 90 Minutes

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