Gamma Breathwork helps us to quickly release thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that do not serve us, while achieving goals, reaching higher states of consciousness, and embodying the best version of ourselves.

Gamma Breathwork is a powerful breathing modality that allows us to activate the Gamma consciousness state in our brains. Gamma is the highest operating brain state that we have access to. When we are in the Gamma state, the different regions in our brain are communicating the most efficiently. We feel an overwhelming sense of peace and connectedness to our higher selves and to others.

We can rapidly process traumas and addictions, gain insight around topics that need clarity, and manifest things into our lives at a quicker rate. During these breaths, neurotransmitters such as DMT, serotonin, dopamine, gaba, and endorphins are stimulated. This leads to transformative experiences, mystical moments, the ability to learn quicker, manifest things into your life, and completely turn around your behaviors.

The memories from the past that control things such as lower-energy looping patterns, traumas, mental and emotional chemistry imbalances, addictive behaviors, non-supportive belief systems, and physical ailments and injuries, are stored as stuck energy charges in our brains and bodies. Specific Gamma breath sequences allow us to effectively convert these stuck charges into gamma energy. We then utilize this fresh new brain power to activate, amplify, and upgrade the energy available from past experiences that have been positive, supportive, empowering and affirming, bringing these qualities forward to present day, activating neurological pathways for more of this to become our reality.

Cultivating the Gamma state leads to the unlocking of our higher sensory abilities, the development of our higher brain processing power, our total manifestation power, and the evolution into our Light Bodies as we enter this era of accelerated consciousness evolution and next level awareness.

Travin Nesta

Personal Growth Coach

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