Let the good energy (Qi) Flow

Feng Shui is the analysis of energy flow (Qi) in our surroundings and how it directly affects our environment like our home, office, or business.

If we want to change ourselves, we must change our environment. Our living spaces are extensions of ourselves and are a way that the universe speaks to us.

The shape, location, position of your home, the location of your main door and bedroom, the direction where we sleep, and what is outside our home, all affects us directly.

By creating a map of the Qi flow, we can read the house’s energy and make informed changes to benefit our lives in matters related to wealth, health, and relationships.

*Floor plant required

*Date of construction or last renovation required

*Service provided in English or Spanish

Paloma Gallardo (Astro Paloma)

Feng Shui Master and Chinese Astrologer



House or Office