Contacting Your Star Family

If you know you are from the Stars and want a deeper connection to the cosmos this is for you.

In this session, you will prepare for contact. This session provides you with a unique opportunity to journey home and meet your star family. They will give you messages and sacred geometrical activations to facilitate your journey, in this session you will receive messages from your Star family via intuitive reading, do deep journeying to meet and receive sacred tools and activations from the cosmic beings. The language of light will also be spoken to cleanse you of anything limiting your growth.

If you feel as if you are not from here, this is the session for you. You will connect to your Star family and awaken the hidden gifts that you brought to Earth. We are all special divine sparks and now is the time to awaken our hidden potential.

The results from this session are clarity and an understanding of your galactic lineage. You will have guidance and an inner knowing that your Star family are always guiding you.

The session is a long-distance session where we contact each other and connect with your Star Family. We begin by receiving intuitive messages and then we proceed to do the journey. Afterwards, the Cosmic Beings will give you an activation of sacred geometries.

Evie Michelle






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