Come Seeking Answers & Leave with Awareness

No magic, future & fortune telling here! When you’re coached through the cards, you’ll gain clarity and perspective so you can get an edge on life!  If knowledge is power than self-knowledge is ultimate power! Why Self-Awareness? Well, you can’t change what you’re unaware of.

Why a Self-Awareness Tarot Reading?

Self-awareness is our natural ability to rewire and correct the mind. You don’t need vague future readings and spooky hand waving! You need simple, practical and applicable perspective so you can actually do something about your situation now! Enhancing your self-awareness allows you to make better choices for power, peace and performance. Change your mind, change your life.

Why should anyone experience these readings?

  • In a life transition
  • Somethings blocking you
  • Unaware of what and how to change
  • Have relationship questions

Experience the Power of Awareness: Feels Good to Finally Know!

After your reading you’ll be equipped with self-knowledge to make an informed decision and take massive action! The ultimate goal is to leave empowered; ready to access the plane of possibility and take those first steps so you can live life on your terms.

  • Gain clarity
  • Find direction
  • Develop perspective
  • Discover the root of blockages
  • Experience relief

Najee Lee

Self-Awareness Tarot Reader & Certified Life Coach