Coaching and Hypnosis work powerfully together to release the deep emotional blocks, thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns that are holding you back from really living life to your fullest.



“I guide and inspire independent, creative, professional people like you into living phenomenal lives. You already know you are pretty awesome, but we all have those areas that just don’t seem to be up to par with the rest of our lives. It maybe your relationships, your ability to create abundance and success, or maybe to learn how to love your body, to heal it and become radiantly healthy. This will lead you in to the unfoldment of your greatest potential.”

You may be experiencing an inner drive to evolve, to realize the potential of your unique gifts and talents. You may be yearning for deeper experiences of intimacy and connection, to evolve from meaningless dead­end relationships to one that is mutual and deeply spiritual. You may be longing to become more empowered, free from anxiety and stress, and feel more fully alive, more deeply connected. You may intuitively sense that you have a unique purpose, but need clarity and direction.

What is Life and Soul Healing?
Life and Soul Healing is a very powerful synergy that combines guided imagery, spirit­based coaching, Reiki and hypnotherapy.

Life and Soul coaching gently gets beneath the issue and releases at the mind level, guided imagery gently cleanses the negative feelings and emotions surrounding the issue, Reiki releases any residual negative energy at a cellular level, as well as releasing blocks at an energetic level and Hypnotherapy then creates powerful internal shifts at the subconscious level.

Life and Soul Coaching
Specialized, spirit based coaching techniques uncover and clear away self­doubt, insecurities and behavior patterns that have kept you stuck, and transform you into the creator of your own life. Energy attracts like energy and your beliefs really do create your reality. Whether it is your home, your career, your health, your finances, your love life – you get what you believe you deserve (not what you “think” you deserve). Coaching begins the process of uncovering these unconscious beliefs that have silently been running your life, and dismantles them, allowing you to implement new, empowering thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

It works directly with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind works like a computer in that it responds to whatever is programmed into it. If your subconscious mind perceives you to be overweight, unattractive, unworthy, undeserving, unintelligent and unsuccessful in life, then that will be your reality. With hypnosis you don’t need to spend years in therapy to feel better about yourself, your past and your life. The old programming that no longer serves you will be removed, giving you the freedom to achieve your goals and release the unwanted behaviors that have been holding you back.

Put together with guided imagery, Reiki and Life and Soul exercises it becomes incredibly powerful. It is perfectly safe; you can’t get stuck in it, it’s not mind control and the only thing that prevents it from ‘working’ is any resistance you may have to the process.

Basically Reikihealing comes under the umbrella of energy medicine. Each healer has their own unique methods. Catherine, is a reiki three practitioner, and uses a combination of intuitive visualization, color work, laying on of hands and crystal work. The truth is, Catherine is simply a channel for healing energy to flow through her to heal at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Eastern mystic Ramacharaka explains that energy healing is “the sending of prana or vital life force energy to the affected parts” to stimulate changes at the different auric levels, and at a cellular level. Crystals are used in pranic healing to direct energy and colors and to amplify and intensify energy sent through the hands. Catherine uses it in combination with guided imagery and hypnosis to release the pain, negative emotions and deeply entrenched beliefs surrounding past traumas and current challenges.

You may need only hypnotherapy, only coaching, or only Reiki healing, and of course, that is fine too. You can discuss with Catherine what will work