A Coach with a Gift

Business Coaching

Geraldine has been working closely with Professionals and Executives using her wide knowledge and expertise for Personal and Business Development, Management Structuring, in the International market. She is a certified Coach for executives and professionals.


How does Geraldine’s Business Coaching work?

It’s a tailored coaching session that offers each one a personalized coaching package designed for their specific requirements in the work environment. The program provides support for professionals and executives by giving a helping hand and someone to count on as they discover a new dimension that is making a difference in their lives.

“Focus on the right things, focus on your strengths.”

Life Coaching

Geraldine’s Life Coaching sessions bring you to a positive and magical approach to change, growth in personal development and direction, focusing on what truly matters.

“Living in a mothering way caring about yourself truly.”

“Shifting to a place of peacefulness. Peacefulness of mind, body and soul.”

Geraldine Job Morales

A coach with a gift Tarot and Angel readings