Animal Communication Readings with Pet Psychic and Medium Leo Shelton

Whether you lost of your beloved pet/animal companion or you want to create a deeper connection;


  1. Name of animal companion
  2. Clear photo of animal facing the camera – it can be a picture from a mobile device or a physical photograph OR
  3. Bring your animal companion with you to the reading. (on leash or in carrier)

Leo will energetically introduce himself and get acquainted with your animal companion and explain who he is and what will be taken place. (Usually the animal already knows, but Leo prefers to do this anyway to show respect.

After introduction the reading begins, usually with the animal sharing information with Leo, which then is pass on to his person/caretaker

Why should anyone experience these readings?

  • Deeper and meaningful understanding and relationship. (also reminds the person/caretaker that their animal companion is a soul, who also is a spiritual and emotional being, that have incarnated on this planet to learn lessons as well as be of service and help their person/caretaker with their life lessons )
  • Receive validation and clarity to important questions and concerns (ask ANY QUESTION or ADDRESS ANY CONCERN…there are no limitations.)
  • Find out the ROOT CAUSE along with SOLUTIONS to any concerns
  • Receive training tips along with daily fun educational intellectual play time suggestions
  • Receive Healing, Peace of Mind, Inspiration, Joy
  • Reminder of responsibility, choices, and to take ownership of any concerns


  • Improvement in relationships
  • Deeper bond
  • Inspiration, motivation, and reminder to live in the moment and live a joyful life daily
  • Well behaved friendly animal companion
  • Healed, healthier, more happy/joyful animal companion and person

Reading Experience

Usually a reading will be a Q and A type of style, however depending on the time/length of the reading it can also be a “conversational.” The last 10 or 15 minutes will be spent receiving feedback from the client, as well as clarification on any information that was received as well as a review or summary.

Leo is also able to connect and communicate to animal companions who have crossed over. (died-passed over to the other side of the veil)

This service is available in person at Bagua Center or online using Bagua Center’s meeting platform.

Leo Shelton