Removing the burdens of the ancestral past.

Ancestral Healing allows you to take a deep dive in to your energetic body, clearing heaviness and non beneficial patterns that you inherited. These sensations and experiences where passed down to you by your ancestors/bloodline. It is very important that we clear ourselves from what does not belong to us as individuals. By taking the responsibility for the past we also make sure that our future generations will not be weighed down by it. Sometimes the blocks we carry from our ancestors may not only cause mental and emotional issues but also have an effect on our physical wellbeing.

When clearing out the burdens of the past we are able to move forward with more energy and power, attracting what we need in life. In the session you will work together with the medium. You will be guided to use your own intuition to see what has been stuck in your energetic body holding you back emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. This is a session that is quite beneficial to do online while you lay comfortably in your own bed receiving guidance and taking part in the experience connecting energetically with what needs to be healed.

Sophie, The Medium

online-only: Spiritual Healer