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With the year nearly drawn to a close, we take this time of year to explore the year that was and reflect on the accomplishments we had and improvements we wish to make. Often, we tend to draw more on the things that we didn’t like as opposed to the things we did. No matter how good of a year we had, we seem to get hung up on the negative side.


Set Your Intentions

If you go into any plan with a hazy or unclear finishing point, the plan will probably not proceed as you had imagined. This is where people can get hung up. If they have no intention or concrete goal at the end of their plan, there’s little chance of it being completed.

 As you clarify the intention, you will find that the path no longer becomes important. The intention is the goal, and the path becomes more fluid. If your intentions are clear, your goals will be met in earnest.


Be Positive

We can’t be in a poor state of mind when setting our intentions. Your intentions should be positive in nature. A negative intention would read: “I won’t eat bread this year.” This intention sets you up to feel worse if you happen to eat a piece of bread during the year. You’ll feel like you failed yourself.

A positive intention would read: “I intend a healthy existence and a nurtured body.” The difference between these intentions is that you have room to grow within the positive intention. You may falter here and there, but you know how to get back on track. This kind of thinking with any intention will foster a happier energy within your body and will make for a happier existence in the end.


Take Some Personal Time Every Day

Meditation is crucial to being of sound mind. Negative news and stress from the holidays can bog any person down. Make an effort in 2016 to take time each day to sit quietly and breathe.

This is an important step to take before setting an intention. Having this time will also help bring balance to your life, as you will be able to tap into your mind and relax yourself from the various stresses you are feeling.


Visit a Professional

Setting intentions is a wonderful way to begin your journey to spiritual healing in 2016.

However, there are some tougher cases that require a more hands on approach to see what needs to be changed. If you require a deeper level of spiritual therapy, Bagua Center in Miami is available to provide you with the help you need.


Our Higher Consciousness Retreat is occurring in January and will feature author and speaker Don Hoes, who is a prolific personal transformation coach, motivational speaker and creator of the Higher Consciousness Empowerment Series. Over the course of the weekend, you will be taken on a journey of discovery through quantum forgiveness, relationship repair through quantum perspectives, and more. This will prove to be a wonderful way to start 2016.




We also are providing a Vision Board Manifestation program in early January with Evie Michelle. Here we will work with the intentions you have set for 2016 and will show you how to “tap into the zone” of manifestation. There will be several vision board techniques introduced, and you will surely leave with a clear target at which to aim your arrow of intent.

Through the power of intention, anything is possible for you in 2016. Call us today to help you manifest your dreams for next year, and be the new “YOU” you’ve always wanted to be.





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